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Bronze Young Ambassadors

Sport RCT has more than 100 active Young Ambassadors working in schools and communities. Young Ambassadors are role models and leaders in sport working to promote healthy lifestyles and participation in sport.

What is the Young Ambassador Programme?

The Young Ambassador programme aims to empower and inspire young people to become leaders through sport, helping to encourage their inactive peers to become hooked on sport. The programme aims to recruit, train, deploy and celebrate the outstanding individuals who volunteer their time in sport.

The expectation of every Young Ambassador is to:

  • Be the young person's voice for PE and School Sport in their school and community
  • Promote the positive values of sport
  • Be a role model and champion for PE and school sport
  • Increase participation opportunities and healthy lifestyles to help get every child hooked on sport for life

The Young Ambassador Pathway

The Young Ambassador pathway in Wales consists of four levels ranging from Bronze Young Ambassadors in Primary schools, Silver and Gold Young Ambassadors in Secondary schools and colleges, up to Platinum Young Ambassadors who are the most experienced individuals.

Bronze Ambassadors

Who are they?

  • Pupils in Years 5&6
  • Champions of PE & School sport in their primary school and/or community
  • The team leaders of other sports leaders in the school

What do they do?

  • Deliver the YA outcomes in their Primary Schools
  • Work with the teachers to organise events for the school
  • Lead and organise playground activities for Years 3-6
  • Become 'school sport reporters' showcasing the good work they are doing
  • Promote sport within the school via newsletters and film
  • Support older leaders to deliver sessions in schools and communities


We know from talking to our Young Ambassadors what a difference they are making. Every year, we are impressed by their commitment and creativity to help deliver a more physical, healthier nation.

In 2018 we conducted a survey. We were pleased to hear that of the Young Ambassadors surveyed:


  • 93% felt that they had increased opportunities for other young people to do sport and physical activity
  • the majority reported that the programme helped to give them a young person’s voice on sport; and 95% of respondents also felt that the programme helped them to become a confident role model for other young people
  • almost an average of nine hours a month is spent volunteering within their school or college with a further eight hours in a community setting
  • 98% felt the programme helped them develop their leadership and communication skills
  • an incredible 93% said the programme helped to increase their aspirations (48% stated it helped a lot and 45% stated it helped a bit). 96% thought it would help / has helped them when they leave school, for example in further education, work or other volunteering opportunities