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Pupil Voice Our New Curriculum

New curriculum developments are exciting for both staff and pupils! Esgob Morgan are preparing for the new curriculum which should come into effect in 2021. Underpinning the new curriculum are four key purposes which will be at the heart of learning. Everything that is taught and learnt at school will have these 4 core purposes as starting points when staff plan for the enriched learning experiences that pupils will receive.  These four broad purposes are the exactly the same for pupils across the school but may appear in different ways in each class. As a staff we have looked at the Four broad purposes and discussed how they look in each of our classes, we have also worked with the pupils in mixed year groups for them to make their own version of the 4 purposes. 

The four purposes have statements which help us to understand them. These are:





We worked in mixed class groups to re word the four purposes and their statements to make them into child friendly language, and this is what we came up with :