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Musical Meatballs in Mind—A Charity Concert

Musical Meatballs in Mind—A Charity Concert

2 years ago our School Choir had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with the Musical Meatballs in Mind choir to take part in a concert at Theatre Twm o’r Nant in Denbigh. It was, hand down, one of the most moving and emotional things we have ever been involved with and have jumped at the chance of another collaboration.

Musical Meatballs in Mind is a choir that started off as a fun project but has now evolved into something much more. A group and as individuals who are motivated by the desire to overcome the limitations that society has placed on them by sharing their love of music and performance. Their aim is to challenge the stigma surrounding mental illness and educate local communities and the general public through inspiring public performances.   They offer a safe environment for self expression, creativity, friendship and a sense of belonging. They provide opportunities for social interaction, empowerment and self worth for a marginalised group of people whose talents too often go unrecognised.

If this isn’t the perfect fit for us to collaborate with I don’t know what is. So, we cordially invite you to our concert on Wednesday the 6th of November at Theatre Twm o’r Nant at 6.30PM. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through Parent Pay. Tickets are selling fast and are strictly limited—don’t miss out!