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Church In Wales

Diocese of St Asaph

We officially became a church school in September 2015. We have a close working relationship with the Diocese of St Asaph and regularly welcome visitors in to work with the children. We celebrate in the Cathedral along with St Asaph VP Infants school on the first Wednesday of each month. This is great way of linking such a huge part of our community with the children and the school. Whole school services take place 3 mornings a week, two are mainly Christian in character and one is a celebration service. We also hold class services in our own classrooms. We have an excellent relationship with our Diocesan Education Officer, Jennie Downes who is a regular visitor into our school to work with the children. Take a look at the link attached to the Diocese of St Asaph as there is lots of information on there about St Asaph and our community.


Worship Council

Two pupils from each class represent the school each year as part of the Worship Council. They help to lead pupil voice in this area, choosing hymns, participating in services and reading out childrens prayers. They have played a big part this year in developing our indoor and outdoor prayer spaces.

Our Values

There are 12 values in total these are:

Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship, Respect, Thankfulness, Trust, Perseverance, Justice, Service and Truthfulness.

Pupils voted as a whole school for our four key values and these are regularly referred to in our day to day life around the school and displayed in our classrooms.

These 4 values are; Friendship, Forgiveness, Truthfulness and Trust

Each half term we look in depth at one of these values and this acts as the basis for our class and whole school services. We work on a 3 year rolling cycle and we have attached this cycle for you to take a look at.

Section 50

This year and following on from our Section 50 report, we have developed a new prayer space and we are in the process of developing an outside worship area with money that we have gratefully received from grants given from the Archbishop Rice Jones Charitable Trust and St Mary’s College Trust


Please take a look at the pictures, we will update them regularly with our progress! Our worship Council have helped to develop this area and suggested some great ideas for what they wanted to see in there – A great example of pupil voice!


Check back for our during and after pictures