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Creative Habits of Mind

Our Creative Habits of Mind Tree

Creative Habits of Mind Wheel

How to use the Habits of Mind Wheel

You can do this exercise over a period of time – perhaps looking at one of the 5 Habits of Mind. Shade the segment of the circle that best represents your current ability in each Sub-Habits of Mind.

The levels of ability grow in strength outwards from the centre of the wheel.

For example, as far as being imaginative is concerned, you may feel like your ability to use your intuition is just beginning whereas you are more confident in your ability in playing with possibilities. Be honest, reflect carefully and try to think of specific examples of evidence for each sub-habit before you identify your level of ability. Use the blank outer ring of the Creativity Wheel to write down your examples of evidence.

How Creative professionals and teachers use the creativity wheel

It is a formative assessment tool in that it can help pupils to:

  • develop a shared language of creativity
  • reflect, self assess and value their own creative skills/disposition
  • gather supporting evidence
  • track their progress over time
  • be more self aware of when they are using their creative skills
  • seek opportunities to be more creative; and
  • to identify future learning goals

It can help creative professionals and teachers to....

  • have a shared language of creativity across the school community
  • to create a dialogue in the school about the value of developing creative skills
  • consider how to build opportunities for creative skill development in learning
  • develop their practice; and
  • support reflection and goal setting with learners.